Prodigy Finance broadens access to education for international students through study loans that don't require a co-signer. We support high-potential students by providing the funds they need to attend their top-choice programs.

Many students who can’t pursue their studies due to a lack of funding such as savings or scholarships can get a loan from Prodigy Finance. Our loans are a practical option for students to independently pay for their education without requiring co-signers, collateral, or a credit history.

How our loans work

Prodigy Finance assesses students on their future earning potential. Eligible students are offered variable interest rate loans starting at 6.7% APR.* After graduation, students benefit from a 6-month grace period, and there are no penalties for early repayment.

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How we fit in your toolbox

Educating your students starts with funding transparency. For this reason, many schools we support choose to share awareness of Prodigy Finance with their students during recruitment events, in admitted student communications, or on their website’s lender list.

Prodigy Finance is a resource you can share with your students that gives them the option to self-fund their program of choice rather than letting competing scholarships decide which program they attend. 

“Being able to reference being a Prodigy partner on our website, in email communications and presentations offers an initial door opening to international candidates who may have previously never dreamed of being able to afford an MBA. It allows me to temporarily put their minds at rest for us to §continue the conversation about the life-changing possibilities.” 

- Kim Killingsworth, Director, International Recruiting and Relations, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

Access world-class resources

Working with Prodigy Finance is always free and doesn't require any formal endorsement or agreement. We’re proud to serve your students and happy to share our insights from working with over 750 schools worldwide.

Making Prodigy Finance part of your enrollment strategy can increase your international reach and help you yield top students. Taking advantage of our resources can provide you with unique market insights, strengthen your understanding of global mobility trends, and help your students thrive on campus and beyond. Our offerings include:

Bespoke Market Insights
Bespoke Market Insights

Access school-specific data reports to help refine your recruiting strategy

Learn about international student enrollment trends through The Global Pulse report

Get country-specific data from our regional teams and recruit students from Latin America, Asia and Europe

Career Support for Students
Career Support for Students

Request dedicated information sessions for your students about funding and visa applications

Promote student financial literacy by co-hosting webinars such as “Evaluating Funding Options”

Help your students build their skills with our professional career coaching workshops

Publicity for your Programs
Publicity for your Programs

Showcase your programs on our website that sees 1 million site visits annually

Promote your school through students who participate in our public marketing campaigns

Feature your school and programs in our School Spotlight blog series

Global Event Networking
Global Event Networking

Participate in our roundtable discussions on international student recruitment

Join our networking events for enrollment managers and financial aid officers

Collaborate with us on conference proposals and leverage our data to give your school a more prominent voice in higher education

Learn more online about our education loan product and loan process

Or meet us virtually - we're participating in the following conferences:

PIE - The Pie Live: Leaders in International Education | 22-23 March 2022

NAGAPAssociation for Graduate Enrolment Management Summit | 28 April 20-23 2022

GMAC - Graduate Management Admission Council Conference | June 15-17 2022

CGS - Council of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting | 7-10 December 2022 

AIRCAmerican International Recruitment Council | 7 - 10 December 2022

We bring great students to great schools

INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov
$1 billion

What others are saying

“Since working with Prodigy Finance, we have been able to increase our yield from geographies in which applicants might previously have struggled to finance their MBA or masters studies. Prior to Prodigy, we often had great candidates who were willing to make the investment in their future and who could have been very successful, but they simply did not have the ability to fund their tuition and living expenses at the time...”

- Nick Barniville, Associate Dean, Degree Programs and Director, EdTech Lab, ESMT Berlin

“Prodigy Finance has in fact opened up doors to many of our students here at Stevens Institute of Technology. The process to apply for graduate loans is easy, secure and in great demand. Prodigy Finance has afforded graduate education to students from around the world and from different socio-economic classes that are looking to make a break in the STEM fields.”

- Dina Iskaros, Director of Graduate Admissions, Stevens Institute of Technology

Get in touch by phone or email

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